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Summer 1997 Vol. 47 No. 4
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Lola Haskins
Sleep Positions    5
Gillian Martin
Rookwood    6
Equinox    7
Bob Russell
Millenium's Orphan    8-9
Mary Leader
For the Love of Gerald Finzi    10-15
Charles Wyatt
Prelude (In Medias Res)    16
Martha Carlson-Bradley
The Grimm Brothers' Nephew    17
Jacqueline Lyons
A Few Lesotho Traditions    18-20
Bruce Cutler
The Fifth Gospel: The Seeker    21-24
Charles Muñoz
A Beacon for the Darkness    25
Little Jack Homer, Grown Old, Prays for One More Plum    26
Meg Hill Fitz-Randolph
Body and Soul as a River of Molecules    27-28
Susan Tichy
Moon, Colorado, Snow    29-30
Explication    31
Banishing the Suitor    33-37
Daniel Bourne
Spoon River Deli    38
Gary J. Whitehead
Trephining    39
Boustrophedon    40
Sisyphus    41
Mark White
On a Felluca One Evening in the Aegean, a Felicific Rite Is Performed    42-43

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Jorie Graham, ed., Earth Took of Earth: 100 Great Poems of the English Language    44-45
Mark Strand, ed., The Golden Ecco Anthology: 100 Great Poems of the English Language    44
Carolyn Kizer, ed., 100 Great Poems by Women: A Golden Ecco Anthology    44
W. S. Merwin, Lament for the Makers: A Memorial Anthology    45-47
Stephen Kuuisisto and Deborah Tall and David Weiss, ed., The Poet's Notebook    47
Neil Bowers, Words for the Taking: The Hunt for a Plagiarist    48
Alice Fulton, Sensual Math    48
Stanley Kunitz, Passing Through: The Later Poems, New and Selected    48
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