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Spring 1998 Vol. 48 No. 3
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Robert Shetterly
monoprint, 1995    Cover
Debra Innocenti
The Places We Can't Think Our Way Into    5
Elizabeth Tibbetts
In The Well    6
Charles Wyatt
Abraham's Sacrifice    7
Jennifer White
A Husband and Wife in the Woods At a Nudist Camp, N. J. 1963    8-9
T. Alan Broughton
In the Hut of Eumaeus    10-11
Alexandra Thurman
The Long Snow    12-13
Elizabeth Stoessl
Subversions    14-15
Lauren Smith
A Short History of Marriage    16-17
Birdello    18
Ken Waldman
The Further Work    19
James Klein
'The Art of Reading'    20
Something Portentious    21
Ilona Popper
Something You Had Seen    22-23
Jeanne Wells
Night Triptych With Missing Light Switch    24
Kristin Berkey-Abbot
Land Mine Treaty    25

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Michael Palmer, At Passages    27-28
Campbell McGrath, Spring Comes to Chicago    28-29
Albert Goldbarth, Adventures in Ancient Egypt    29-31
Philip Fried, Quantum Genesis and Other Poems    31-33
Lucie Brock-Broido, The Master Letters    33-36
Ted Hughes, Birthday Letters    36-39
Jorie Graham, The Errancy    39-48
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