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Spring 2000 Vol. 50 No. 3
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Robert Shetterly
"Unexpected Kiss" (ink drawing, 1999)    Cover
Karl Elder
Ciphers    6
Robert M. Chute
Reading a Note in the Journal Nature I Learn    8
Stones Feel Spring    9
Vernal Pool    10
Elizabeth Kuhlman
Sound of Locusts    11
Solange    12
K. Reynolds Dixon
Spare the Rod    14
Stargazer    15
Token    16
Patrick Donnelly
After a Long Time Away    17
Finding Paule Monette, Losing Him    18
Virgil Suarez
The Soviet Circus Visits Havana, 1969    20
When the Great Chinese Papermakers Came to Cuba, the Great Poets Followed    22
Roy Jacobstein
What It Was    23
Kurt Leland
Epitaphs from "New Mexican Cemetery"    24
Jeffrey Levine
Ferdinand Victor Eugéne Delacroix Conducts His Interview    31
Liturgy    32
George Looney
We Call It Hot Blood and Hum It    33
A Parable of Dust and Color    34
Roberta Hill
Hubert Moon's Dilemma    37
Paulann Petersen
Under the Sign of a Neon Wolf    38

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Zbigniew Herbert, Elegy for the Departure and other poems    40
Constance Hunting, Natural Things: Collected Poems 1969-1998    40
Heather HcHugh, The Father of the Predicaments    40
Adrienne Rich, Midnight Salvage: Poems 1995-1998    40
Derek Walcott, The Bounty    40
Baron Wormser, Mulroney & Others    40
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