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Summer 2000 Vol. 50 No. 4
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James S. Greene
photographs from Hong Kong, 1955    Cover
Karl Elder
Demarcations    5
Nance Van Winckel
Circle One: You Have, You Don't Have, My Full Attention    6
Jeff Gundy
What the Boy Knows    8
What the Old Guy Says    9
The Sadness of Women and Water    10
Stan Sanvel Rubin
Ooze    12
Summons    13
Lynne Knight
Wrapped Songs    14
Tony Trigilio
The Party Turns Fifty    20
George Eklund
The News from the World    22
Jay Rogoff
Latin Class    24
Leonard Kress
Living in the Candy Store    26
Sandy Beach at Crane Creek    27
Janet Kaplan
None of It    28
Joanna Trzeciak, translator
The Joy of Writing, by Wislava Szymborska    30
On Death, without Exaggeration, by Wislava Szymborska    31
Margaret Aho
I dream I'm leaving    33
Between wand and welt    36
When he emerged--    37
Eye-shaped, mouth-shaped    38
Bruce A. Jacobs
Rush Hour    40
Jeep Cherokee    44
Colette Inez
Adiocito, Mother Snow    47
Albert Goldbarth
A Continuum    48

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Jeffery Paine, ed., The Poetry of Our World: An International Anthology of Contemporary Poetry    64
Cary Nelson, ed., Anthology of Modern American Poetry    65
Michael Collier, ed., The New American Poets    67
Verse (Vol. 16, No. 3, Vol. 17, No. 1)    69
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