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Spring 2001 Vol. 51 No. 3
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Wendy Kindred
detail of drawing, conté crayon and gesso, 42"x16" "What Is It Exactly That You Do For Him?"    Cover
Margaret Aho
Deep chrome-yellow flesh of winter    6
Walter Bargen
To Put By    8
Around the Flat World    10
Sharon Chmielarz
Where She Is: Nannerl Mozart in the Hinterland    12
Leopold Mozart: On the Cross    13
R. Flowers Rivera
Late Night Ramblings    14
Stephen Malin
Suzuki Warm-Ups    16
Lisa Fishman
Cows    17
Lunar One    18
Kurt Leland
The Adolescence of Orpheus    20
T. Alan Broughton
Ballad of the Comely Woman    25
Adrian Beebee
The Bride    26
Christof Scheele
Outside Budapest    27
Outside Nyíregyháza, Hungary    28
Lola Haskins
In The West Riding    30
Philip Dacey
Thomas Eakins: Painting President Rutherford B. Hayes    31
M. E. Gibson
Night Work    34
Kerri Webster
Deforestation as Enfetishment    42

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Rita Dove and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry 2000    44
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