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Summer 2001 Vol. 51 No. 4
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José Ángel Rodriques
Postcard copy of photograph, "Al Rio Jataté"    Cover
Jamie Ross
Postcards from Mexico: Triangle    5
Postcards from Mexico: Celebración de la Carretera    6
Postcards from Mexico: Al Rio Jataté    7
T. P. Perrin
Spellchecking Chaucer    8
Finale by Ives    9
Artist's Material    10
Michalle Gould
The Architects of St. Basil's Cathedral Address Ivan IV    12
A Classical Scene from Late Childhood    13
Hamlet    14
Sophia Tekmitchov
Who First Spoke    16
Elisa Spindler
Jane in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction    17
Maggie Dietz
Speaking for Andrew    18
Jenny Factor
Song Beside a Sippy Cup    20
Ranjani Neriya
Husk    21
John Latta
Fork of Witch Hazel    22
Rock    23
Glori Simmons
Graft    24
Robert Nazarene
The Chicago Land & Title Guarantee Company    31
Ben Lerner
God is The One Who Comes In The Night To Slit The Throats of Those Who Long To Slit The Throats of Horses    33

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Reviewing Reviews    46
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