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Winter 2001-2002 Vol. 52 No. 2
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Liddy Hubbell
"Buddha" brush ink drawing, 2001    Cover
Gary J. Whitehead
Swimming in the Dark    6
Sam Magavern
The Mule Eats the Alphabet    7
Jana Harris
Prison Diary: Broomshop Regulations    8
Carole Stone
Hardy's Love    10
Karl Elder
Logo Rhythms    11
Lance Newman
Joe Hill: Up Past Hanksville    14
Joe Hill: Down by Socorro    15
Ranjani Neriya
Biorhythmia    16
Holly Hunt
He Said that He Dreamed Deep-Sea    19
Janice N. Harrington
Superstitions that the Mulatto Passed on to her Daughter    20
Karen Maceira
What I Offer This Valley    25
Jamie Ross
Las Hijas del Brujo    26
Mary Kane
Invitation from Cezanne's the House of the Hanged Man    27
Yellow Chair    28
Tea and Cake    30
Bruce Bond
Vigil    33
Ellen Bass
I Love the Way Men Crack    34
Hal Martin
The Diesel Mechanic's Woman    36
J. L. Conrad
In the Midst of Reading Ammons    37
Sarah Gridley
Grist    38
Theodore Worozbyt
Her Thoughts    45

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Robert Haas and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry 2001    46
Liddy Hubbell
"Buji: No Action" detail, brush ink drawing, 2001    Back Cover
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