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Spring 2004 Vol. 54 No. 3
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Dan DeKoch
graphite pencil drawing. "Kasaya, Flier of the Skies." 1976    Cover
Joel Friederich
Deep in the Western Suburbs    5
Three Views of the Yokohama LIne    6
Sidewalk Chalk Figures    8
The Sour Taste of Old Men    10
Annie Boutelle
Marriage Bed    11
K.I. Press
Born in the Parliament Buildings    14
Joseph Wood
Prisons of Grace: So Much for Novelty    15
Andrea Heny
My Father's Camera    16
At the Intersection    17
Jeff Crandall
Molester    18
Elizabeth Kuhlman
In a Word    20
Janice N. Harrington
The Line Is Slack    22
Benham's Disk    24
Evie Shockley
notes for the early journey    28
Martha Carlson-Bradley
Young Mother    29
Ken Victor
Portrait of the Family Without a Father    30
Erika Mikkalo
Olfactory Utility    31
Juliana Baggott
Marie Laurent Pasteur Watches Louis Walk to the Kennels After His Stroke    32
Helen Keller Dying in Her Sleep    33
Emöke Pulay
Rooms in Budapest    34
Daneen Wardrop
[Across the finger's breadth of] from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    38
[City of 12,000 bridges, Suzhou] from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    39
[When I try to translate] from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    40
[Venice's wine sea feeds wine] from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    41
Conrad Hilberry
Cherry Pie    42
Comb    43
Waning Moon    44
Deaf Ear    45
Jason Labbe
In Defense of Graffiti    46
Elizabeth Conrad VanBuskirk
Dry September    47
Robert M. Chute
Grave Details    48
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