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Fall-Winter 2004-2005 Vol. 55 No. 1&2
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Zhu Yongjin
from painting, "A Basket Full of Vegetables", Jinshan County, China    Cover
Frank Steele
The Weight of the World    7
Reynolds Dixon
Half Life    8
Nance Van Winckel
Channel of the Reddest Wines    9
David Williams
"Hunter Mountain" (1863)    10
Albert Goldbarth
The Salt Mine    12
Fady Joudah, translator
Cadence Chooses Me, by Mahmoud Darwish    20
Sonnet 5, by Mahmoud Darwish    22
Hillel Schwartz
Amidah    24
Lola Haskins
For the Suicides    26
The Barren Woman to Her Sister    27
E. R. Carlin
Raising Drusilla    28
Jeff Crandall
Conversation with the Rose Man    32
Stan Sanvel Rubin
Rope    35
Bruce Tindall
The Ambassador of the Interregnum    36
The Ambassador as Horatius    37
The Last Ivory-Billed Woodpecker    38
Peggy Steele
Dried Phlox    39
G. David Schwartz
An Oracle of the Shaman as Reported by Toma the Stutterer    40
Hadara Bar-Nadav
A Number of Things    42
Long Division    44
Sustenance and the Ark    45
Knacker    46
Black and White    47
Daneen Wardrop
[Marco, when you, Niccoló, and], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    48
[Travelers come asking for your], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    49
[The canopies of vendors swell], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    50
[Trees move houses past our], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    51
[I want to touch, in], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    52
[Other women will hang carpets], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    53
[The Thousand Buddha Caves, westernmost], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    54
[Fingering pomegranates, peaches, melons, and], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    55
[From a balcony I see], from "The Silk Road: Marco Polo's Wife"    56
Mira Rosenthal
Heat    57
Charlotte Boulay
At the Sackler Museum in Cambridge    58
In darkness    59
Camille T. Dungy
Concordance    60
Bert Stern
Borscht    61
Kathleen Snodgrass, translator
Conclusiones / Conclusions, by Luis Miguel Aguilar    62
El cielo y mis libros / Heaven and My Books, by Luis Miguel Aguilar    66
Brent Pallas
The Rhinoceros    68
The Walrus    69
B. Lance Levens
Dawgs    70
Ho    71
Kirstin Hotelling Zona
It Wasn't Death She Saw    72
Rennie McQuilkin
Killing Time    73
Leigh Anne Couch
Obsolescence    75

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Does Subject Matter?    76
Carolyn Forché, Blue Hour    77
Philip Nikolayev, Monkey Time    79
Heather McHugh, Eyeshot    80
James McCorkle, Evidences    81
Neal Bowers, Out of the South    84
Tony Hoagland, What Narcissism Means to Me    85
John Canaday, The Invisible World    85
Louise Glück, The Seven Ages    87
William Heyen, Shoah Train    88
Sondra Gash, Silk Elegy    89
Jana Harris, We Never Speak of It: Idaho-Wyoming Poems, 1889–90    90
Nick Flynn, Blind Huber    91
Rachel Zucker, Eating in the Underworld    91
John Haines, For the Century's End: Poems 1990–1999    94
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