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Fall 2005 Vol. 56 No. 1
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Lee Sharkey
photograph "Vigil," 2005    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Mary Molinary
Small parts slowly, from The Book of 8:38    5
Faced with 8:38, from The Book of 8:38    6
On us too, from The Book of 8:38    7
8:38 is pumice, from The Book of 8:38    8
8:38 is straw, from The Book of 8:38    9
8:38 can’t help, from The Book of 8:38    10
Thus does 8:38, from The Book of 8:38    11
Jose Perez Beduya
Signal and Change    12
Dan Lewis
Calder    15
Susan Kolodny
Itself, from "Black Carp"    16
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Things I Would Do for You    18
Michael Snediker
Roman Elegy    21
Tar Baby    23
Lola Haskins
Sky-Shots    24
Jay Franzel
The Generous Bison    26
Ingrid Wendt
The History of Strife    28
Joe Pitkin
An Equation with 2 Variables    29
Albert Goldbarth
Grahamesque    30
The Poem in which the Devout and the Atheists Meet in Minnesota    32
Left Behind    33
Off in the darkness hourses moved restlessly    37
Frannie Lindsay
Receiving the Host    38

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Translation: Text, Texture, and Architecture Part II: Scandinavian, Germanic, and Slavic Poetry Today    39
Tomas Tranströmer, The Best Poems of Tomas Tranströmer, Robert Bly, translator    39
Inger Christensen, alphabet, Susanna Nied, translator    39
Inger Christensen, Butterfly Valley: A Requiem, Susanna Nied, translator    41
Paul Celan, Glottal Stop: 101 Poems by Paul Celan, Nikolai Popov and Heather McHugh, translator    44
Popa,Vasco, Collected Poems, Anne Pennington, translator. Francis R. Jones, annotator    46
Wislawa Szymborska, Miracle Fair, Joanna Trzeciak, translator    47
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