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Fall 2006 Vol. 57 No. 1
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Lee Sharkey
"Net of Webworms," photograph, 2005    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Cyan James
Seed Pods 'longside Flowers    5
Mary K. Lindberg
Goya's Portrait of Ferrer    6
Stephanie N. Johnson
Wine Water    7
Ross R. Whitney
Serenade    8
Rane Arroyo
For a Bitter Veteran Student Who Is 24 Years Old    10
Blue Visits    11
Bert Stern
from How Reb Katzman Got to Heaven    12
D.E. Steward
Octovro    14
Galway Kinnell
Hide-and-Seek,1933    19
D.O. Moore
Hypotensive, Or, The Day I Became a Bird and Back    20
Unearned, Still Offered    21
Muriel Nelson
Sun and Migraine    22
Steve Wilson
The Hunger Bird    23
Natalija Grgorinic and Ognjen Raden, translator
My Three Brothers, by Josip Pupačić    24
The Unbuilt House, by Josip Pupačić    26
Valerie Bandura
Speak the Slavic    28
Albert Goldbarth
Imperfect Knowledge    30

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
The Poet in the Poem    41
Tyehimba Jess, leadbelly    41
Martha Colins, Blue Front    42
Lilah Hegnauer, Dark Under Kiganda Stars    42
Brian Turner, Here, Bullet    43
Louise Glück, Averno    43
Peter Streckfus, The Cuckoo    44
Theodore Enslin, Nine    47
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