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Winter 2006-2007 Vol. 57 No. 2
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Abby Shahn
"The Two Headed Woman," egg tempera on paper, 1999. Collection of Colby College. For more of the artist's work, visit www.abbyshahn.com    Cover
Fourteenth Annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize    5
Scott Withiam
The Wound    6
Kathleen Mayberry
First Lesson    7
Rhoda Janzen
Strongly Scented Sonnet    8
Ormesby Psalter    9
Pioneer Girls    10
Ghost Train    11
Paul Gibbons
Quantum Elegy    12
Messiaen, WWII    13
Charity Ketz
Blessed are They    14
Brian Komei Dempster
Jacket Elegy    18
Hillel Schwartz
First International Conference of Hermits, Oxford    20
Whatever    22
Kate Martin Rowe
Inscription for Tamarindo    24
Young Smith
Description of a Pear on a Pewter Dish    26
Squamata    27
Poem Attempting to Deny the Body    28
Natasha Sajé
F    29
Steve Wilson
Textuality    30
Shawn M. Durrett
Salt    31
Holly Iglesias
Natural Flair    32
Civil Defense Drill No.6    33
Ross R. Whitney
The Argument    34
Daniel Lusk
Woodchuck in Winter    36
Kevin Ducey
Chisolm Goodnight Loving    37

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Another Kind of Best    42
Billy Collins, ed., The Best American Poetry 2006    42
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