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Spring 2007 Vol. 57 No. 3
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Jacques Hnizdovsky
"Ram Profile," 1969 (front), and "Herd of Sheep," 1964 (back), woodcuts © Stephanie Hnizdovsky    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Kathryn Ugoretz
The Drought    5
Erin Malone
Lament for Seven Minus Some    6
The Winter He Is One    7
Boy in Red Shorts    8
Directions    9
Matthew Raymond
A Room Full of Water    10
Marilyn McCabe
Raw Psalm    11
Dawn Potter
Peter Walsh    12
Emily Fridlund
Storm    17
Mary Molinary
Buoyancy    18
Here is the woodcut. Simple palette of dull blue rain, a metonymy of branches.    19
The Object of Study in a Time of War    20
Watery Shapes    21
Fady Joudah
In the Calm    22
This Child    23
David Camphouse
Jeremiad for Spring    24
Leslie McGrath
Of Providence: A Racial History    26
Leonore Hildebrandt
The Second Thought    27
Shelley Puhak
The Führer's Girls    28
Laura Coyne
Market Fictions    31
Melissa Tuckey
Doing Hegel's Laundry    32
Silent Night    33
Irja Bonafede
Star Trek Save Us    34
Seth Abramson
Lullaby    36
Steve Langan
A Pact    38
I Was Young Then    39
Susan Terris
Ruskin's Advice to Charles Dodgson    40

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Five Inside Views of the Art of Poetry    41
David Lehman, The Last Avant-garde    41
Marianne Boruch, In the Blue Pharmacy    42
Ann Lauterbach, The Night Sky    43
C.D. Wright, Cooling Time    44
Baron Wormser and David Cappella, A Surge of Language    46
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