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Fall 2007 Vol. 58 No. 1
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Sigalit Banai
"Woman from Israel" (front and back): composition    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
William Wright
Peach Trees, Suffused with Pesticides    5
Mia Nussbaum
[The Chapter of the Rending in Sunder]    6
Keith Cartwright
Rumors of Discontent    8
Mark W. Fry
Concatenation    9
Steve Wilson
Extravagance    10
Clare Rossini
Girl with Hair Tangled in Rose Bush    11
These Passing Venial Wonders    13
Heather Maki
Scotch in a Bottle of Fruit Juice on a Plane    14
A Story About Things    15
Brian Teare
As That Which Is Above Everything Else    16
Martin Steingesser
14 Florence Street    23
L. K. Holt
Male-to-Female (1)    24
Male-to-Female (2)    25
Gary Fincke
The Prophecies of Mathematics    26
Weighing the World    28
Dannye Romine Powell
Loss Considers the Idea of Bliss    30
Loss Received a Letter Once    31
Albert Goldbarth
The Craft Lecture to the Creative Writers of the Low-residency Program at Yadda Yadda University, with a Late Assist from Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, Maxine Kumin, Sir Thomas Browne, and Allusion to the Title of an Early Book of Jorie Graham's    32
Jeneva Stone
In the Sun-drenched Room    38
Red    39
Meditation on a Broken Child, var. 3    40

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
Where Are We Now?(2)    41
Janice N. Harrington, Even the Hollow My Body Made Is Gone    41
Susan Tichy, Bone Pagoda    43
Jessica Goodfellow, A Pilgrim's Guide to Chaos in the Heartland    45
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