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Summer 2008 Vol. 58 No. 4
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Jacques Hnizdovsky
"Zebra," 1970 (front), and "Zebra II," 1972 (back), woodcuts © 2008 Stephanie Hnizdovsky    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Kirun Kapur
Chapter and Verse    5
At the Tiki Lounge    6
Love Song #7    8
Erin Malone
Story    9
Suspect    10
Praise the Present Tense    12
Lizzie Hutton
The Yard    13
The Follow    14
Margaret Yocom
First Wash    16
Young Smith
Two Flowers    17
Annie Boutelle
What I Learn    18
Llangybi    19
Roxane Beth Johnson
Prudence Finch Remembers Her Slave, Clea    20
Anne Timberlake
Inside Early Music    21
Charles Wyatt
Variation 4, from Goldberg Variations    24
Variation 9, from Goldberg Variations    25
Variation 20, from Goldberg Variations    26
Variation 22, from Goldberg Variations    27
Variation 27, from Goldberg Variations    29
John Hodgen
Watson    30
High Tide    31
Upon Reading that Abraham Lincoln Spent His Summer Nights as President at a Cottage on the Grounds of the Soldiers' Home on the Outskirts of Washington Rather than at the White House, and that He and Edwin M. Stanton, His Secretary of War, Spent the Better Part of One Evening Freeing Two Peacocks that Had Become Entangled in a Tree    32
Poem To Be Read at 30,000 Feet    33
Paul Gibbons
Fugue: In Medias Res    34
Christine Marshal
Apostrophe to What's Still Here    37
Betsy Sholl
A Song in There    38
Double Portrait    40
Carrie Messenger, translator
Secondary Character, by Ioana Ieoronim    42
Peace, by Ioana Ieoronim    44
Matthew Raymond
In Failure of the Furtherance of Complex Achievement    46
Lee Sharkey and John Rosenwald
Editors' Note: BPJ Poet's Forum    48
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