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Spring 2009 Vol. 59 No. 3
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Joan Braun
"Someone was alive / whom you followed by oil lamp," photo collage, 2009. For more of the artist's work, visit www.joanbraunartist.com.    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Scott Withiam
The Smallest Know    5
Garth Greenwell
First Morning    6
Harry Humes
Rabbit Man    8
Christina Hutchins
Quail    9
Michaelean Ferguson
Retaken    10
Tony Brinkley and Raina Kostova, translator
Star, from The Voronezh Notebooks, by Osip Mandelshtam    12
But conscience chooses..., from The Voronezh Notebooks, by Osip Mandelshtam    14
Jeff Crandall
Night Call: Broodmare    16
Mary Leader
They Vibrate    17
Letter to Arkady Plotnitsky    18
Albert Goldbarth
Extinct    20
Three Quotes from William Irvine's Account of the Nineteenth-Century Scientist-Explorer Thomas Huxley's Life    22
Fady Joudah, translator
A Picture of the House at Beit Jala, by Ghassan Zaqtan    24
As If He Were She, by Ghassan Zaqtan    28
David Bergman
Nativity Scene    32
Chuck Carlise
Breaking Up with Katie from 8000 Miles    33
Steve Wilson
Evening    35
Rosscarbery Bay    36
K.A. Hays
Early Creatures    37

Marion K. Stocking, reviewer
The Full Resources of Language    41
Hayden Carruth, Toward the Distant Islands    41
Joseph Stroud, Of This World: New and Selected Poems    42
Roger Mitchel, Half/Mask    42
Marianne Boruch, Grace, Fallen From    44
Frank Bidart, Watching the Spring Festival    45
Alice Notley, In the Pines    47
Susan Howe, Souls of the Labadie Tract    48
Jeffrey Yang, An Aquarium    49
Susan Stewart, Red Rover    50
C.D. Wright, Rising, Falling, Hovering    53
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