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Fall 2009 Vol. 60 No. 1
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Robert Shetterly
"Rescuing the Tree" drypoint etching, 1991.    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Robert Shetterly
Sketch of Acoma pot collected by Marion Kingston Stocking between 1951 and 1954.    1
Sketch of a portrait of Marion Kingston Stocking.    2
Marion Kingston Stocking
Letter to Herself at Twenty-Eight    3
Christopher Woodman
He Mistakes Her Kingdom for a Horse    7
A. E. Stallings
The Prince of Crete    8
Another Bedtime Story    9
Hayden Saunier
Gone    10
Susan Laughter Meyers
Dear Missing Piece,    11
Onna Solomon
Autism Suite    12
Jeremy Voigt
Digression on Fatherhood    16
James Doyle
The Bridle Path in Central Park, 1901    17
Sam Taylor
Suits of Men    18
History    19
Song    20
Monopoly    21
Yael Shinar
Ingredients for History    22
Nick Courtright
Destinations, VI.    23
Jeff Crandall
The Glassblower    24
Adam Giannelli, translator
[Al primo grillo, quando l'aria ancora], by Sandro Penna    28
[Hearing the first cricket, when the air is still], by Sandro Penna    29
Robert Shetterly
Hum    30
Domestication    31
Torture    32
Miguel Murphy
The Vulnerable Datura Vampire Blossom    33
Matthew Smith
Elegy with Bradford Pear Trees    34
Anne Shaw
Thoreau Dying    36
Johan Huybrechts
The Breathing of Sviatoslav Richter    38
D.E. Steward
Augustos    41
Dan Stryk
Boatman    46
John Rosenwald and Lee Sharkey
Editors' Note: Marion Kingston Stocking    47
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