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Spring 2010 Vol. 60 No. 3
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Ding Jitang
"Picking Persimmons," woodcut, Xi'an, China, 2000    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Temple Cone
Oneliness    5
Chris Hayes
Young Fathers    6
Michele Battiste
Accepting the Newborn    8
Sandra Kohler
Directional    9
Julia Lisella
Intimate Friendships    10
Mothers Talking Summer Night    11
Matthew Landrum
Southern Eschatology    12
Polychronicon    13
Charles Wyatt
from Thirteen Ways of Looking at Wallace Stevens    14
Christopher GoGowilt
from In Defense of the French Horn    22
Jennifer Atkinson
Canticle of the Blossoming Almond Tree    24
Canticle of Assisi Rain    25
Canticle of Francis and the Wolf at Gubbio    26
Canticle of the Abbey    27
Nan Watkins, translator
Greise, by Yvan Goll    28
Old Men, by Yvan Goll    29
Rosentum, by Yvan Goll    30
Rosedom, by Yvan Goll    31
Mark Sullivan
Landscape in the Manner of Huang Gongwang    32
Barcarolle    34
Nathaniel Perry
Seeds and Seeding    35
Jacquelyn Malone
Playbill for the Gray One    36
Bern Mulvey
Character Readings    40
John Rosenwald and Coleman Barks
A Conversation with Coleman Barks    41
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