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Summer 2010 Vol. 60 No. 4
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Chapbook 25: 60th Anniversary Chapbook

Karen Adrienne
"Pomegranites," charcoal drawings, 2007. Drawing on title page also by Karen Adrienne.    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
John Rosenwald and Lee Sharkey
Celebrating Our Sixieth    5
Sam Reed
Garden    6
Mary Molinary
If we were birds once, from Bird Signs    7
Birds with seeds (posessions), from Bird Signs    8
Little known bird of the ribcage, from Bird Signs    10
Burial of the new law / bird singing in moonlight, from Bird Signs    12
Janet Holmes
Partly hidden poem    13
Albert Goldbarth
The Clothes    16
Sherman Alexie
Rest Stop    20
Onna Solomon
Wild Dogs of Santorini    22
I Want to Tell You    23
Jessica Goodfellow
species: empty:    24
clock: rules:    25
Glori Simmons
Remorse    26
Candor    27
Lucia Perillo
Hokkaido    29
Kurt Leland
The Temptation of St. Anthony (1552-53)    30
John Hodgen
Bootleg    32
Look, Look    34
Robert M. Chute
The Idea of Order on the First Day of Winter    35
Mary Leader
To Gaze Is To Think    36
Karl Elder
Ode in the Key of O    38
Margaret Aho
At 95 she says the word    40
Outside    41
Even my weak eyes    42
About    43
Recite her stretch    44
Susan Tichy
A Ghost    45
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