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Fall 2010 Vol. 61 No. 1
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Jan Owen
"Who," four hanging panels of Reemay with ink, 2007, with text from a poem by Lee Sharkey    Cover
Lee Sharkey
photographer    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Dwayne Thorpe
Mother Time    5
Karen Lepri
Wave, from The Meso Cantos    6
Root, from The Meso Cantos    7
David Harris Ebenbach
City of Peace    8
Hallelujah    9
Joe Wilkins
Hayrake    10
Kerry James Evans
An Empty House    12
Packed in Ice    16
Martin Cockroft
Agreeing with Larry Levis    17
Simeon Berry
The Doppelganger as Guidance Counselor    18
Timothy J. Fitzmaurice
Honey and Darlin    19
Kirun Kapur
Melon Cleaver    20
Light    22
Christopher Howell
The Circular Saw Children Express Their Joy    24
Edvard Munch    25
Nicholas James Whittington
For Independents Day    26
Venn/Grünbaum    27
Amy Schutzer
When I Sleep, It Still    28
Norman Lock
Alphabet of Chrysanthemums, from Alphabets of Desire & Sorrow    29
Garth Greenwell
Consideration    30
Festival    31
On Watching a YouTube Video of Antony Hegarty Singing "River of Sorrow" with the London Philharmonic at the Barbican, London, 30 October 2008    32
Mary Jo Thompson
Thirteen Months    33

John Rosenwald, reviewer
Bei Dao, The Rose of Time: New and Selected Poems, Eliot Weinberger, ed.    40
Leonore Hildebrand, reviewer
Friedrich Hölderlin, Selected Poems of Friedrich Hölderlin, Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover, translator    42
Dawn Potter, reviewer
Hayden Carruth, Toward the Distant Islands:New and Selected Poems, Sam Hammill, ed.    44
Lee Sharkey, reviewer
Karen an-hwei Lee, Ardor    46
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