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Winter 2010-2011 Vol. 61 No. 2
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Zhang Xinying
"Rolling Out Dumpling Wrappers," painting, 1999, Jinshan, China    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Eighteenth Annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize    5
Michelle Gil-Montero, translator
from Mouth of Hell, by María Negroni    6
Sue D. Burton
Bulletproof    9
Kevin Ducey
Dragonteeth    10
Amir Hussain
Night Poem    13
Anna George Meek
Self-Possession, from The Genome Rhapsodies    14
Steve Wilson
Of Marriage    18
Jazzy Danziger
Yahrzeit    19
Jennifer Whitaker
The Invention of Childhood    20
Habit    21
Ann Keniston
The Overlay    22
Dock    23
Janice N. Harrington
Why, Oh Why, the Doily?    24
James Doyle
Civil War Photograph    30
Elizabeth Langemak
Illinois Cornfield as Nude Descending Staircase    31
Expectation    32
Judy Little
Glossing Glossolalia    34
Marcus Wicker
The Message, or Public Service Announcement Trailing a Meth Lab Explosion    35
Who in their right mind thinks they can put a stop to hip hop, if it don’t stop ’til I stop and I don’t stop ’til it stops?    37
Maybe the Saddest Thing    39
Gary Lark
Song    40

John Rosenwald, reviewer
Notes for a Postapocalyptic Vision    41
Amy Gerstle and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry 2010    41
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