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Summer 2011 Vol. 61 No. 4
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Du Juanhu
"King Wen of Zhou Visits the Wise Old Man," painting. Xing Ping, Shaanxi Province, China    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Arthur Bull
Lu Yu    5
Bridget Lowe
Blue and Red Ink Picture by Nijinsky in the Asylum    6
Fady Joudah
Tenor    7
Michael Bazzett
Solitude    8
Alex Quinlan
Like Snowmelt Swarming the River    10
Colleen O'Brien
Plato's Metaphors    11
Jennifer Burd
Venus    12
Gary Fincke
Watching Californication to See My Daughter's Painting    14
Nicelle Davis
I Wrote You This Love Letter. You'll Think It's Gross    15
Molly Curtis
After Touring the Body Room    16
Weston Cutter
Water over Water    17
Jenny Johnson
Aria    20
Marty McConnell
when your grandmother mistakes your girlfriend for a man    24
Stephen Malin
Absent Absence    27
Muriel Nelson
With a big simile    28
Margaret Aho
The Will Loses Its Object    29
Rebecca Dunham
Untranslatable    30
Restoration    31
Ranjani Neriya
Workshop    32
Susan Tichy
That Most Heart-Exciting of Earthly Things    33
Tracy Zeman
Grass for Bone    34
Jeff Crandall and Garth Greenwell and Peter Pereira and Brian Teare
SYMPOSIUM: Gay Poetry, Politics, Poetics    41
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