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Winter 2011-2012 Vol. 62 No. 2
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Janet Fredricks
"Contemplating History," charcoal,graphite, acrylic on paper, 1997    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Nineteenth Annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize    5
Diana Lueptow
Little Eucharistic Song    6
Possum Idyll    7
Chris Dombrowski
Table    8
A Toast    9
Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr.
Albania    10
Hounds    11
The Owl Declines to Accompany the Other Birds on Their Quest for the Divine Simurgh    12
Joe Wilkins
Letter to My Son Concerning Quickening    13
Joy Jacobson
Bleached    14
Not as She Is    15
Stephen Malin
Hunt Club    16
Bruce Bond
Audubon    17
Emilia Phillips
Clepsydra    20
Niedecer's Iron    21
Jami Macarty
By Virtue of And    22
Brittany Cavallaro
The Girl in Question    23
Justine el-Khazen
Another poem taped to a lamp post    24
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins
Phases    29
Jeremy Paden
Trapiche (One)    30
Trapiche (Two)    31
Pattabi Seshadri
Desert Grass    32
Eric Pankey
Dark Was the Night    34
Chalked Equations    35
Amanda Warren
Three Locks Road (Deadman Crossing)    36
Mutatis Mutandis (those things changed which needed changing)    37
Lauren Camp
Again on the Again: Fifty Days at Iliam    38
Emily Rosko
[If they would yield us but the superfluity while it were wholesome]    40

John Rosenwald, reviewer
Bad News and Good    41
Kevin Young and David Lehman, ed., The Best American Poetry 2011    41
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