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Spring 2012 Vol. 62 No. 3
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Chapbook 27: Split this Rock Chapbook 2012

Robert Shetterly
"Langston Hughes," acrylic on panel, 2005, from the series "Americans Who Tell the Truth"    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
John Rosenwald and Lee Sharkey
Editors' Note: Occupy America    5
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Someone Is Up    8
The Difference between Inside and Outside    9
Turning the Switch Off    10
Marilyn Nelson
Called Up    11
Your Own    12
Making History    13
Kim Roberts
The International Fruit of Welcome    14
Instructions for Use    15
Medicine    16
Venus Thrash
Rare    18
Carlos Andrés Gómez
Belief    20
José Padua
Kubla Khan    21
On the Beach    22
Dance    23
Douglas Kearney
Thank You But Don't Buy My Babies Clothes with Monkeys on Them    24
Rachel McKibbens
Across the Street from the Whitmore Home for Girls, 1949    29
Betty Ferber, translator
La Violencia en México Comenzó con los Dioses, by Homero Aridjis    30
The Violence in Mexico Began with the Gods, by Homero Aridjis    31
Somos Hijos de Dioses Crueles, by Homero Aridjis    32
We Are Children of Cruel Gods, by Homero Aridjis    33
Khaled Mattawa
After 42 Years    34
Now That We Have Tasted Hope    37
Sherwin Butsui
Potsherds    38
Kathy Engel
Gratitude    43
After the Storm, Praise    44
How the Light Gets In    45
Naomi Shihab Nye
The Woman in the Front Row    46
Every Window    47
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