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Summer 2012 Vol. 62 No. 4
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Ann Arbor
"Cracked” (2009) and “Wave” (2008), digital photographs    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Jessica Jacobs
Manhattan Bridge Bikeway, Up    5
Amelia Klein
Intent    6
Less    7
Michael Joyce
Uppsala Sunday Morning, February    8
[before you leave a place in your dreams it is best]    9
[we were at home in a very big place and it wasn’t a dream]    10
Nigel Holt
The Sixth Lion    11
Charles Wyatt
Old John’s Jig    12
Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Races    13
Eugen Gomringer and Erik Ellingsen
This Also Doesn’t Mean That Too    14
Lisa Grove, translator
Die unmögliche Tatsache, by Christian Morgenstern    18
Diary of a Young Morgue and Shoe, by Christian Morgenstern    19
Das Knie, by Christian Morgenstern    20
Hymn of Knees, by Christian Morgenstern    21
Garrin Riggin
Practice    22
Megan Erickson
For Hours in an Airtight Room    23
Tanya Olson
flower of the mountain    24
Jill Osier
Aubade    26
Pony    27
Lake Saganaga    28
Hayden Saunier
Wooden Bowl of Spangled Fruit    29
Molly Bashaw
Posing Nude for Andrew Wyeth    32
Mitchell Untch
Harvest    36
Kaveh Bassiri
Invention of Country    37
Benjamin S. Grossberg
A Thought    38
Leslie Elizabeth Adams
Winter: Plane and Violin    40

John Rosenwald, reviewer
Scattershot, Tommy Gun, Canon    41
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