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Fall 2012 Vol. 63 No. 1
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Lewis Koch
"Northern Illinois" (front) and "Copenhagen" (back), photographs, 2008    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
K. A. Hays
And the Lord Hath Taken Away    5
Liz Kay
A Warning    6
Hannah K. Galvin
Open letter to my teenage patient with congenital HIV and a CD4 count of 0 after she told me going back on antiretrovirals was "pointless"    7
Matthew Nienow
O Anchor    8
And    9
Jaydn DeWald
Nocturne (or Landscape with Father)    10
Richard Foerster
Solstice    11
Ephraim Scott Sommers
This Being a Man    12
Michael Bazzett
Other People    13
Randi Ward
Ólavsøkufriggj / St. Olav's Fling    14
Grannsiggin / Busybodies    15
Caitlin Dwyer
Chamber Music    16
Lucy Anderton
I'm sorry I have to put it this way, but    18
Toward the single point of slipping    20
Brendan Constantine
The Long While    21
In the Ear of Our Lord    22
Snow Blind    23
Greg Wrenn
Ascension    24
Hadara Bar-Nadav
And with What Body Do They Come?    26
Let Us Chant It Softly    27
To Bear on Us Unshaded    28
Robert Mitchel
The Dream    29
Jeremy Bass
Ruskin in Venice    30
Stephen O'Connor
Above the Lake    33
Allison Hutchcraft
Lampshade Cue Stick Acrobat Dust    34
Joel Peckham
The Well    36
Jeremy Glazier
The Paper Doll    37
In the Age of Terror, Cóngora Reconsiders Life's Brevity    38
Philip Metres
An Index (from Along the Shrapnel Edge of Maps)    39

Lee Sharkey, reviewer
Writing White    40
Martha Collins, White Papers    40
Jake Adam York, A Murmuration of Starlings    43
Jake Adam York, Persons Unknown    43
Kevin Coval, L-vis Lives!: Racemusic Poems    46
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