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Fall 2013 Vol. 64 No. 1
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Joan Braun
"Altar," Photograph, 2013    Cover
Mary Greene
design    Cover
Ocean Vuong
Telemachus    5
Molly Spencer
Demeter [Days I hunted the mend]    6
Persephone [I no longer know]    7
Luke Johnson
Camp    8
John A. Nieves
Harvest Moon    9
Spin-the-Globe Charades    10
Betsy Sholl
Orison    12
Hyejung Kook
Invention No. 4 in D minor    13
Alex Cigale, translator
Calmly: precious little (book inscription), by Gennady Aygi    14
To Pierre Emmanuel: notation made upon translating his poems, by Gennady Aygi    16
James Langlas
Hiking at Brush Creek    18
Rex Wilder
Sirens), from Boomerangs in the Living Room    19
Dry), from Boomerangs in the Living Room    19
Fred Marchant
Etymos    20
Passage Tomb    21
A Day Later    22
Ivory Bull Dancer    23
Quang Tri Elegies    24
Sally Wen Mao
Mad Honey Soliloquies    26
Immigration    28
Michelle Gillett
Rowing from Monhegan to Manana    29
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.
The Coming Apart    30
Fani Papageorgiou
The Jaguar's Wife    31
Christopher Morris
Miscegenation    32
Colleen O'Brien
Child is Father    34
Fuel    35
Danielle Jones-Pruett
From Descartes' Treatise on Man    36
Descartes Rebuilds His Daughter    37
Simulacrum    38
Anna Maria Hong
The Age of Increment    39
Sebastian Agudelo
Summary    40

John Rosenwald, reviewer
The Heart, Yes    41
Katharine Rauk, Basil    41
Jay Leeming, Miracle Atlas    43
Abbot Cutler, Say Dance, Say Night    46
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