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Fall 2014 Vol. 65 No. 1
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Zhang Xinying
"Year of the Rat, 2008," Jinshan, China    Cover
Danez Smith
For the Fifth Grade Black Boys of Benjamin E. Mays Elementary School    5
my father gives a lecture on the power of good pussy    6
Matthew Kelsey
Nuestro Pueblo    7
Jonathan Moody
Olympic Butter Gold (United States East Coast Interlude)    8
Robert Lunday
Aubade    9
Fiona Chamness
Choreography for Ensemble    10
Gerard Malanga
Robert Frank    18
Susan Tichy
Only Allowed One Step at a Time    19
Ashley Davidson
On Childlessness    20
Mary Kane
Beech Tree    21
Emily Yong
Suite 4A    22
Frannie Lindsay
Antiphon for Remembering and Forgetting    23
Brian Komei Dempster
Give and Take    24
Tanya Ko
Comfort Woman    26
Richie Hofmann
Lives of the Typographers    28
Michael Broek
The Golden Venture    32

Melissa Crowe, reviewer
Things to Keep    41
Emilia Phillips
Signaletics    41
Jamaal May
Hum    41
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