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Winter 2014-2015 Vol. 65 No. 2
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Marc Norbert
"Reflections," traditional black and white photograph, Minneapolis, Minnesota, c.1998    Cover
Twenty-First Annual Chad Walsh Poetry Prize    5
Andrea Cohen
Doing the Loop    6
Poison Hotline    7
Sarah J. Sloat
Inksleep    8
Beatrix Gates
Blueprint    9
The Verge    11
Lisa Allen Ortiz
Betaken    12
Assistant to the Curator, Notes on the Donated Collection    13
Philip Metres
from Shrapnel Maps    14
James Toupin
What Light Admins    17
Joseph Bathanti
Postdiluvian: Mingo County, West Virginia    18
Sherod Santos
The Green Screen Settings    19
Tim Seibles
At 59    20
Richard O'Connell
Translations from Catullus    24
Lola Haskins
Smilax    25
Jenny George
Sword Swallower    26
Bait Dog    28
Joey De Jesus
self-portrait as queen of adders    29
Rachel Rinehart
Epithalamium for a Feral Child    30
Amy Sonoun
Wreaths    32
Nicole Stellon O'Donnell
Advice to the Young Right Fielder    40

Rachel Contreni Flynn, reviewer
The Still-Living Past    41
Amanda Auchter
The Wishing Tomb    41
Jake Adam York
Abide    45
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