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Spring 2015 Vol. 65 No. 3
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Eleanor Spless-Ferris
"Shoreline," oil on linen, 2006    Cover
Cintia Santana
Portrait of a Marriage as Library After Air Raid. London, 1940    5
Éireann Lorsung
Early Flemish painting    6
One last time in her antechamber    7
Meg Day
At the Museum    8
Aniane Bolduc
Mastectomy    10
Peter LaBerge
Viscera    11
Hera Naguib
Cilantro    12
In the storeroom    13
Nick Lantz
Bats, Above the "Walls" Unit    14
Kyle Adamson
The Architecture of Dread    15
Graham Barnhart
Pissing in Irbil    16
Call to Prayer    17
Majda Gama
Bride of the Red Sea    18
Traci Brimhall
On the Feast Day of Our Lady Hippolyta    19
Jay Udall
Because a Fire in My Head    21
Daniel Tobin
Downstream    24
Tammy Armstrong
The Vestas: Pubnico Point Wind Farm    30
Claire Millikin
Asbestos    31
Adam Tavel
The Walmart Sparrows    32
Travis Mossotti
About the Living    33
Michael Lavers
Country Song    35
Arkhangelsk    36
Susannah Nevison
Horse Broke Clear    38

John Rosenwald, reviewer
Good Poems    40
B.H. Fairchild
The Blue Buick: New and Selected Poems    40
Kirun Kapur
Visiting Indira Gandhi's Palmist    44
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