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Fall 2016 Vol. 67 No. 1
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Mary Greene
design    Cover
Ran Ortner
"Element 32," oil on canvas, 2016.
Regan Huff
How the Wasp Flies    5
James Ellenberger
Of the King's Poison    6
Blue Collar    7
Must Heaven Be Symmetrical    8
Marjorie Stelmach
The Divestments of Autumn    9
Graham Barnhart
The Road to Pol-e-Khomri    16
Kenneth E. Harrison, Jr.
Big Psalm    17
The Room in Space    18
Jennifer Sperry Steinorth
The Score Again    19
F. Daniel Rzicznek
Wreckfish    20
Cintia Santana
Ode to Your Salmon Soul    21
[E=]    22
Leslie McIntosh
Epistle: the Fugue Between Life and Death Is (Always) Black    24
Jeanine Hathaway
A Long Engagement    26
Ron Riekki
EMT Hopes Pregnant Plumber Doesn't Give Birth    27
Robin Myers, translator
En el haras Vadarkablar, by Alejandro Crotto    28
At the Vadarkablar Stud Farm, by Alejandro Crotto    29
A.E. Stallings
Selvage    30
Kathy Davis
Snapped    31
Kevin Craft
Low Hanging Fruit    33
Kasey Jueds
Talisman    34
Messenger    35

Dawn Potter, reviewer
A Land of Echoes    36
Christina Hutchins, Tender the Maker    36
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