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Susan Herport Methvin
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Magdalen Rags

Magdalen Rag I

It was a ripoff. For me anyway.
I could go for the whole crucifixion
routine. Show his love. Show them all
wrong by sitting up in the tomb later.
Sproing! He's up! It's over. Talk about
The Second Coming! No, that was okay.
I handled the scene, grieving, not quite
convinced of the plan. No! What got me
was the Noli me tangere bit.
Don't touch me? Cling not to me?
Please! So we're supposed to go for
a resurrection, see the guy walking
the earth again and not touch Him?
Me, especially? Isn't that just like a man?
Rise a little. Tease a little. Make you
feel like shit for asking.


Magdalen Rag II

Okay, so I lost my head. Got swept up
in the moment and washed his feet.
With my hair, no less! Okay! So it was
a bit dramatic. But, girls, he was gorgeous
and he had such nerve. He let them
tell the story like he forgave me.
Forgave me?! He thanked me!
Knew right then that the world was taking
a patriarchal swing! Thanked me,
then turned to his secretary and said
Make that FORGIVE. I should have left
right then but I sensed possibility,
a partnership, maybe. Who knows.
Like I said, he was gorgeous. He was quiet.
You know the type. I'm always a sucker
for the silent ones. So I did it.
Anointed his head with oil like he was a king.
Knelt in something like adoration.
Since then, he's gotten great press. And me?
They know my hair. They think they know
my profession. Don't worry.
I'll make a comeback.


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