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Nancy Nielsen
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Found Wanting

Women are to men as men are to angels.
Ven. Sangharakshita, D.P.E. Lingwood

Woman: having a womb. Womb: a very delicate
organ. (ref.) Education, dangers of, scientifically
shown to shrivel the womb.* Having a womb,
not having b . . . s, therefore wanting in seminal
fluid. (def.) A potential, latent within an imperfect
object, for attaining perfect development. Woman:
incapable of seminal thought, an imperfect object
without latency. Without: lacking. Outside. Not
within. (Denied entry.) Found wanting: (woman)
lacking balls, having a w . . b
See: hysteresis, a state of being inferior;
hysteros, coming behind**; hysteria, irrationality
caused by a disorder of the womb, freq. seen
in educated [wait] * this fact, though once
widely accepted appears to be unsubstantiated
**(women:men:angels) but if true may account
for women seen writing their names over and over
around the margins of their history books, around
and around defacing the texts writing woman
WOMAN, WOMAN all over the pages of the history
books out of control just as he (he of the epigraph)
foresaw when he said that: women simply repeat the
myth of their oppression to one another:
(as he
placed himself between me and the angels.)

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