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David Sheridan
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Perfumes, grounded in the anal sacs of deer. Of the civet cat. Of pigs. The chemical language of beasts. Molecular words absorbed directly into the epidermis. Encrypted communication. Humans have misplaced the codebook. Carnal knowledge has been forgotten. Skin = largest organ. Porous body bag.

A woman's menstrual cycle takes cues from the scent of her lover. Biorhythmic fragrance. The vomeronasal organ (VNO), long considered vestigial, is now thought to be the processor of sensuality. Soon human musk will be synthesizable. Attraction will be profound. And costly.

The hides of lovers rubbing together. A curriculum of body juices. Histidine seeps into the follicular canal. The tremoring of the keratin filament. The American preoccupation with bathing = self-defeating. Natural attractants are washed away. Arousal is thrown out with the bath water. Ozone is strongly associated with freshness and rain. Sometimes we make love in the shower. Sex is an alternate means of soap. Wet hair clings to itself and to thoughts. An icon of peptide bondage.

A beaver has no choice but to mate under the influence of its partner's musk. Chemical weapons. The mechanism of delivery is complicated and meaningful. Aerosolization through mastication. Champing at the bit of dreams and impure thoughts. Bacteria have colonized the surface. We find their excrement arousing. Often during love there is an irresistible urge to taste. The tongue's papillae examine the skin. Absorb the flatulence of pores. Vanilla extract is a turn on.

Desquamination leads to sloughing. Skin cells float in the body's stratosphere. A sexy dandruff getting sucked into the VNO. Sometimes we make love in the shower. After the rain, the ozone. Zone of O. Women prefer perfume to smell fresh and natural rather than sensual and arousing. Turning people on can be degrading. The smell of wet bark, moss, and leaves. The smell of topsoil and professionalism. Of empowerment. Beavers and pigs. Many anal sacs are harvested each year. Sometimes we make love in the shower. Soap and water. Sex is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent body odor. The B.O.-zone is responsible for the so called 'feminine glow.' Using sex as a weapon is considered unfair. Sleeping your way into the upper levels of the atmosphere will result in a breakdown of theory. Sometimes we make love in the shower. Sloughing is one of the seven deadly means of seduction. Mechanisms of delivery include urination and the U.S. mail. Pores are holes in the self. Humans have misplaced the codebook. Mothers milk is flavored with vanilla extract. Permission has been granted to bottle human sexuality in crystal. Mating rituals are thought to lack a psychological component. The self is now considered vestigial. Her body is sloughed away in snow flakes that drift to the stars.



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